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Sheltering Arms WA is a registered NDIS provider based in Geraldton, WA that provides people living with a disability to live more independently whilst integrating into the community.

We are passionate about creating an inclusive society for all that empowers individuals who have a disability to live their lives in the manner they choose. We strive to create a safe environment for every individual by offering quality disability services provided by our friendly, qualified support workers.

We accept National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), SIL, RESPITE, SDA, Mental Health Care Plans (Medicare) and Private Referrals.

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What Do We Offer?

We believe that utilising any of these services will enhance each participant's quality of life, supported by our respectful and friendly staff.

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Independent Living Skills Program

Offering support in daily living skills for individuals with significant disabilities. These skills include arts and crafts, gardening, household management, shopping, transportation, interpersonal relationships, yard maintenance, and cooking.

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Household Task Assistance

Aiming to enhance independence; our home maintenance services include, but are not limited to, cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, house and yard maintenance.

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Accommodation - Respite, SIL and SDA Vacancies

Our accommodation options are subject to availability and we always consider the compatibility of residents in our accommodation selections. These include: Personal care and Transportation.

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Our Mission as a registered NDIS provider based in Geraldton, Western Australia

What is our mission?

To ensure the right of people with disabilities to live independently and fully integrated within the community.

What is our vision?

We provide a comprehensive range of services which makes it possible for people with disabilities to live as independently as they choose within the community.

Who is our team?

Our team strongly believes that every individual should service as much enjoyment from their life as possible whilst achieving their own life goals. We strive for this to be done in a manner where the participant’s experience is respected and valued. Our passionate and friendly staff are motivated to support you in improving your physical’s functioning, level of activity and social participation. Our aim is that by providing a tailored support and guidance, we can contribute to increasing your quality of life.

Why choose us?

It is of our utmost importance that Sheltering Arms WA creates an environment for the individual that empowers and encourages independence, confidence and positive well-being. We work as a collaborative team to ensure that we provide all the information and support to our participants to improve their health and well-being and to achieve their established goals. We offer our participants an interdisciplinary team approach that results in our participants receiving a holistic and person-centered service, as we acknowledge that everyone is their own, unique person.

We ensure to help the citizens in our commonwealth to live independently and fully integrate themselves within the community and we utilise many different methods to accomplish this good.

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Why Choose Us

At the heart of the service

We want you to remain at the heart of the service, and we will do our utmost to promote your independence, dignity and overall quality of life.

Bridge the gap

We provide interactions with our client’s families by keeping families updated with what is going on with their loved one through phone calls and emails which many times help to bridge the gap when distance is a barrier.

Getting the little things right

Our philosophy is centred around getting the little things right for your loved ones- sticking to their well-established routines and their house rules does allow them to maintain their independence. 

Tailored to you

We are your local extended family, striving to empower you and your loved one to live independently in your own home

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Client Testimonials

“Visited Geraldton over Easter and was pleasantly surprised to find these guys with available children's STA (Respite)! SW Jonas was very approachable and our son was comfortable with him.”
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Tara Modra
“We just wanted to say how impressed we have been with Sam and Jana. They are both so bubbly and caring toward Connor. This is reflected in Connors's happy mood when they arrive home on Monday afternoons. A good team! Thank you! ”
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K. Matthews
“I recommend Sheltering Arms to clients in need of help to access the community, appointments and activities, with friendly and caring service every time. And peace of mind to clients' families when they take your child or family member out for a few hours or more a day.”
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